Tormented Soul (jonniehardcore) wrote in hiptop_help,
Tormented Soul

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Serious HELP!?

So today I totally dropped my Sk3 in a puddle of water. I instantly got it out and dried the outside and took apart the battery cover, removed the batter and the memory card and dried all those. I let it sit for a while.

the track ball seems to be sticking at time and the screen kinda freezes on and off.

Has anyone else dropped theirs in water, or gotten their's completely wet and know it can survive?

How do you do a HARD reset? Ive done a few soft resets and turned it on and off a few times...

How can I help the INSIDE of the phone dry better or quicker?

What can I possibly do to get a replacement since the white tabs for water are now RED?

any help or advice would be much appreciated...

its the holidays, Im a Marine restricted to base because alot of us are about to get sent to Africa on Jan 6th and I just want to be able to check my txts, calls, chat with my friends and have a good time..any help!?

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